Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Pop Music Video Analysis

I am going to be analysing the pop video 'Come and get it' be Selena Gomez. This is a typical pop video  as it follows the conventions of the pop music genre.

In this clip, you can see Selena is looking seductively, directly in to the camera, this automatically draws the viewer in. By the artist looking seductive, it creates a sex appeal and makes the audience 'fancy' the artist, This is also shown through the montage shots of close ups as well as close ups of her  lips, cheeks and legs. These conventions are typical conventions of a music video as they draw the viewer in and make them remember the song, even if it is awful.

The clip shows how the frames change to the beat, this makes the song and video seem quick paced and interesting. The shots are of the same location which shows the audience what the area looks like and what she's wearing as it does a close up of her playing with her dress.

This clip shows how Selena changes set as well as costume, this keeps the viewer interested and shows that she is quite diverse. The set changes from a big open space to a small dark space with a lot of people in. The change from light to dark makes the video seem like there is a lot of content within it.

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